Result 3

Digital tool to facilitate agile peer-to-peer learning

This deliverable represents a digital tool that facilitates the learning process of children in agile peer-to-peer learning environments, and the collaboration that emerges in such environments.

This tool will be open source. These goals will be reflected in the tool as 2 collaborative boards: One for the learning activities (with offerings and requests), and another board for community building and managing the collaborative process which includes support on conflict resolution.

For the Learning activities board, there will be 2 sections: Offerings, and Requests. In the section offerings, all students of a school/classroom can offer to others the activities that they would like to do, basically offering a learning activity to others. In the section requests, all students can ask the others for something that they want to learn, or ask for help in something specific, and this becomes also a learning opportunity. The digital tool will support students to get together around those learning activities and opportunities to start to collaborate. The digital tool will also support the students to plan the group activities and individual activities in the shared and personal agenda. For the community building board, there will be a section to gather the challenges of the classmates to bring ‘awareness’ to the group, and make visible the challenges that the group is experiencing.

There will be another section to support gathering ideas to come to a solution to overcome the challenging situation. Once a solution is crowd-sourced, the tool will support the follow up process of the agreement achieved. The tool will be created using the principle of child-centered design, and we will also have a designer facilitator for the creative process. This will reflect in the tool design and modularity to have a user-friendly experience.

The Digital tool is currently under development and will be made available soon.