Result 3

Digital tool to facilitate agile peer-to-peer learning

A digital tool designed to enhance children’s learning experiences in collaborative, peer-to-peer environments. The tool, which will be open source, focuses on two collaborative boards: one for learning activities (with offerings and requests) and another for community building and managing collaboration, including conflict resolution support.

On the Learning Activities board, there are two sections: Offerings and Requests. In the Offerings section, students can share activities they’d like to do with others, creating learning opportunities. In the Requests section, students can ask for help or express what they want to learn, turning it into a collaborative learning experience. The digital tool helps students come together for these activities, supporting collaboration planning through shared and personal agendas.

The Community Building board includes a section for sharing classmates’ challenges to raise awareness and make group challenges visible. Another section encourages gathering ideas to solve challenges collaboratively. Once a solution is crowdsourced, the tool supports the follow-up process to implement the agreed-upon solution. The tool follows a child-centered design principle, incorporating a designer facilitator for a creative and user-friendly experience.

The Digital tool is currently under development and will be available soon.