Results of Agile4 Collaboration

Result 1

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Agile Learning Handbook

Self-Directed Agile Education for Resilient and Inclusive Collaboration
A theoretical guide to support educators to get a better understanding of Agile Learning and the pedagogy behind it.

Result 2

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Agile Learning Design Toolbox

Practical Guidelines and Recommendations Management
A collection of resources, methods and materials put together under the form of a digital toolkit together with practical guidelines on how to use these resources adapted to the needs of learners.

Result 3

Digital tool to facilitate agile peer-to-peer learning
An open source digital tool that facilitates the learning process of children in agile peer-to-peer learning environments, and the collaboration that emerges in such environments.

Result 4

Open Educational Course
A course dedicated to teachers on the application of the agile methodology in class, giving specific advice, materials, and tools focused on real class situations to facilitate the execution in practice.

Result 5

Peer-to-Peer Online Community
An online learning community aiming to increase the level expertise of every (aspiring) practitioner using Agile Learning tools and methods.