Result 4

Open Educational Course

Based on all learning resources of the project, we intend to develop an Open Course and make its contents available as Open Educational Resource (OER. Teachers (Primary, Secondary, Vocational Education, Higher Education) can learn how to implement agile peer-to-peer learning methods and tools for their own classes. This tool will facilitate autonomy and flexibility of the teacher’s learning, which is a common demand. The OER will be formed by several content modules and tasks to secure the understanding of the strategies and contents represented.

The main focus of the course will be the application of the agile methodology in the class, giving specific advice, materials, and tools for teachers. The content will always focus on real class situations to facilitate the execution in practice. The course will also provide personalised feedback for the teachers, giving them tools to regulate their training while they are in their learning process. In a pilot study in higher education in teacher education programs, during and after the course, these higher education teachers will be encouraged to transfer their knowledge into practice. This means their students will participate in the implementation of agile methodology in the classroom.

Learning processes like group work, cooperation or peer– and self-assessment will be supported by agile methods, enhancing the students’ learning and class environment. In conclusion, since agile methods are not conventional in education, our purpose is to create a chain of knowledge that expands agile learning and creates a new learning environment for teachers, teacher education students, and all stage students..