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Peer-to-Peer Online Community

Agile methods are common in software development, but not in education. In fact, implementing innovative pedagogies like Agile Learning is not simply an “add-on” to existing practices, but an avenue to transform teaching practices and school organization, in service of supporting deeper learning and 21st-century skills. Adopting self-directed learning, thus requires much more than mechanically applying lessons drawn from project results 1 – 4, but requires opportunities to create and experiment, which demands effective professional development efforts.

We propose building an online learning community or ‘online Agile Learning practitioner’s hub’, with the goal of increasing the level of expertise of every (aspiring) practitioner for using Agile Learning tools and methods. Members of this community will be enabled to self-direct their learning journey into self-directed education and leave them empowered to collaborate with and learn from other practitioners. The exact modalities and technical specifications of this ‘Agile Learning practitioner’s hub’ will be determined as we work co-creatively work with the community through project results 1 – 4, in order to stay responsive to the needs of the growing community of Agile Learning enthusiasts we’ll encounter. New learning opportunities will derive from those collaborative discussions and feed the online community in the form of content, interactions and collaborations. It will be the first online European community on SDE through Agile learning, and it strides towards becoming the epicenter of co-creation of Agile Learning practices in Europe.

Expected impact: – Support (aspiring) practitioners in applying agile education and peer-to-peer learning (formal and non-formal context) per participant country. – Enable co-creation and validation of the intelectual outputs, through collaboration, feedback and feed-forward. – Optimize collaboration and knowledge transfer, and share knowledge/information from the community.


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