Announcing the Agile4Collaboration Community Online Meeting with Abby Oulton

Mar 2, 2023

Are you interested in learning about agile learning and how it can improve the learning process? If so, we invite you to join us for the first Agile4Collaboration Community Online Meeting on March 8, 2023, from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM CET.

We are launching the Agile Learning Community in Europe and we want you to be part of it and help shape it. This online meetup is part of the Peer-to-Peer Online Community of the Agile4Collaboration project, an online learning community that aims to increase the level of expertise of every (aspiring) practitioner using Agile Learning tools and methods. You can learn more about the project and the resources it develops at

We are excited to have Abby Oulton, facilitator, and organizational manager of the Agile Learning Center in New York and the Agile Learning Centers Network, as our speaker for the event. Abby is an educator, nonprofit director, and independent researcher based in New York City. She brings over 10 years of experience supporting young people as they pursue their individual goals and figure out what it means for them to collaborate with others as a member of a learning community. Her work is informed in part by her ongoing studies of knowledge geographies and theories of change, which currently focus on the roles of youth and technology in social systems.

The event will start with an introduction to the Agile4Collaboration project and the launch of the community by Liliana Carrillo, the founder of CollectiveUP, the lead partner for the Agile4Collaboration project, and founder of the first Agile Learning community in Belgium – ALC Talent-In. Abby Oulton will then talk about the broader picture of the ALC network and diversity in the world of the ALCs. The event will conclude with a Q&A session and closure.

Agile Learning Centers are a unique form of education that encourages learners to pursue their interests and passions in a self-directed and collaborative environment. The Agile Learning Center in New York City starts at 9:30 AM, and learners are welcome starting from 9 AM. The day starts with a scheduling or intention-sharing meeting, followed by Set-The-Week on Mondays, or Spawn Points for the rest of the week, where students gather to update their Kanbans and share their intentions for the day. The rest of the day is full of trips, classes, games, discussions, stories, creation, collaboration, and surprises. The students have a short meeting at the end of the day to reflect on their accomplishments and intentions.

Join us on March 8, 2023, to learn more about agile learning and the ALC network. Register for the event today at and be part of the Agile4Collaboration Community Online Meeting.


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